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Creating Voice Recorded Notes in Word 2003

Using the recording tool in Word 2003 has been a infrequent but appropriate tool to compensate for students who have strong verbal skills but are reluctant or challenged to put word on paper or via word processing. Here are instructions for how to use the recording tool in Word 2003, 2002  or earlier versions:

  1.  Open a Word 2003 document.
  1. Open a Word 2003 or earlier version document.
  2. Position the insertion point where you want the message inserted.
  3. Go to Insert on the menu>select Object.
  4. You will get a dialog box with choices. Look for a Sound Object or Wave  in the list. Select the sound object. 
  5. A Sound Recorder (a Windows accessory) will be displayed.
  6. Use the Sound Recorder to record your message. You can pause and continue recording using the buttons. When completed click Ok.
  7. Close the Sound Recorder window.
  8. An icon of a speaker appears in your document where the sound is inserted.

You can later listen to your message by simply double-clicking on the speaker icon. Or if you want to re-record it, select it delete it and start again.