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Using Video Modeling on the iPod

Uploading video to the iPod Touch is an easy process once you’ve converted your video files to the correct format. It can be a bit overwhelming when you are not familiar with the devices or using iTunes.

Here are some easy directions for uploading the video to your iDevice. Make sure you have edited your video and converted it to a compatible format (MP4 orĀ MP4 formatĀ first!

Adding Video to your iPod Touch

How to upload videos to your iPod

1. First you have to ensure the video is in one of the formats supported, MPEG or MP4. The videos you can purchase via iTunes are all in these formats. If you have another format like AVI or WMV you wish to use, it has to be converted to MPEG or MP4 first ( other compatible formats are MOV or MV4). Videora as well as other free converters are available on the Internet to convert different formats to MP4 or MPEG format.

2. iTunes needs to be used to transfer the video file. On the left side panel under Library, find the Movies and TV Shows options. Connect your iPod Touch to the computer, then drag and drop the ones you want to the iPod Touch under Devices on the left side panel.

Videos that are not listed in iTunes can be dragged from any folder on your computer and dropped to the Movies section in iTunes. From there, you can drag and drop the videos to your iPod Touch.

3. With the iPod connected to your computer and the video in the Movies section, click Sync. Wait to remove your iPod until the Sync is complete.

4. After completion of the Sync, the video will be available in the Videos tool on your iPod.

5. Play and enjoy!