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Splashtop App and Splashtop Remote

Thanks to Suzanne Feit and the QIAT listserv, I was introduced to Splashtop app that can remote into your computer to¬†operate Win based or Mac based software on your computer. Suzanne’s example of accessing software as Intellitools Classroom Suite sparked my interest in how this might work.

Splash App installs on your iPod Touch or iPad and makes connection to your computer when complimentary software is installed on your computer. Using WIFI you can connect from your iDevice to your computer to operate software installed on your computer as remote desktop access.

Although I have only used it on my iPod Touch (which due to size of the device is somewhat limiting to access), found it easy to install on my computer and iPod Touch and after turning off my firewall easily connected to my computer displaying my desktop. I was able to type into Word, open a Blio book to read and navigate on my computer remotely. The software has great supports in its set up to get you connect with your IP address and ports easily.

I am excited about the possibilities of using our bread and butter Windows software available on our desktop or laptop extended to the highly portable, accessible and “cool” (kids love cool, we love our special needs kids to be cool like all other kids!) iDevices for learning opportunities for our students.

Splashtop is available for iDevices and Android and supports WIN and MAC OS.

Check out a video on You Tube about Splashtop with Classroom Suite:

Amazing! Have you tried it?