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Spell Checking Tools for Struggling Writers

Spell Checking Tools

During a recent teacher training session on Read & Write Gold,  I was asked about resources for a student with strong reading and writing skills but significant spelling challenges. Spelling challenges don’t only exist for our special needs students but also can be a barrier for typical learners.  

There are many scan  and read programs which provide phonetic spelling support,  text to speech and word prediction tools that can support the writer with spelling challenges. They may be available at school but not at home so I am offering a few resources both those available for purchase, for free as well as some amazing Web 2.0 services dedicated specifically for spelling support.   If a student specifically needs just spelling issues check out the Web 2.0 resources below to see if they will support the writer.

The lists below are  by all means  not inclusive of all the resources available but are a compilation of some  resources I am familiar with to support spelling challenges. If you have additional resources please share!

Scan and Read Software

Scan and read programs provide many tools including  phonetic spell checking, text to speech and word prediction options. Some of them also offer organization help when writing. Here are a few software options:

Free talking spell checking and/or word prediction software:

  • WordTalk (addin for Microsoft Word)
  • MyStudy Bar (several separate applications to support writing)

Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.o tools to support spelling:

  • – Phonetic spell checking  support by copying and pasting your text into web based program. Ginger also provides grammar assistance. Trial available on line. This is a phenomenal tool for the most challenged spelling!
  • – Another online phonetic based spell checker.addin for Word.  Advertises free for school districts. 

Voice Recognition Software

Of course if you want to by pass the need to spell entirely there is always voice recognition software. Dragon NaturallySpeaking just is the premier program of choice in my opinion.

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad are also free, and amazing for their cloud based voice recognition abilities!

Dedicated word prediction programs also can aid spelling but are  not been mentioned here as they are worthy of a whole other post!

Helpful Spell Checking Strategy:

A great article by Tamarah Ashton  defines a helpful and easy spell checking strategy when using electronic spell checkers or word processing. Instituting a  Spell CHECKing strategy is a great and easy strategy  for all students to know. Check it out from ldonline and include it in your writing strategy tool box:

Making Spell Checking Work in the Inclusive Classroom: A Spell CHECKing Strategy for Students with Learning Disabilities

Happy Spelling ! If you have any other spell checking resources or strategies please share!