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Where was PaperRater when I was in college? Could editing your writing be any easier than this? And it’s free?

PaperRater is a free  (yes its true for the time being)  grammar and spell checking tool that also will help you with proof reading and editing your writing. It is recommended for secondary and post secondary level students to help improve their writing. Created by grad students and linguistic professionals, the goal of PaperRater  is to proofreader services  for written composition.

PaperRater is simple to use.

1.  Copy your text and paste it into the PaperRater “Analyze Your Paper” field.



2. Select your educational level and type of paper you are submitting

3. Agree to the terms of services.

4. Click on the Get Report button

5. Proof reading suggestions are provided on  spelling, grammar andthe style of your writing.

PaperRater Analyzer

Although this may make your instructor cringe, for writers needing assistance, whether students, employees or for daily functional computer based tasks, I think this is a fabulous editing tool! Also instructor should know that this tool will detect plagarism.

Why not use a tool that will help you be a better writer?? Check it out yourself the next time you are sending an email, writing a proposal or a research paper!