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Converting PDF’s

Whether for accessibility for clients or students or for personal reasons, having a accurate PDF conversion tool is necessary. I don’t know how many I have downloaded, trialed, or I find as free now requiring purchase, but it seems that I am always on the search for an accurate PDF conversion tool!

As a member of the QIAT list serv I gather wonderful information from that think tank of AT gurus. A recent post by Bridgett Nicholson, OT provided the Web 2.0 resource of  OCR Terminal , an online PDF conversion resource.

OCR Terminal

You can convert up to 20 pages per month for free, with a for fee payment if you need to convert more pages. OCR provided an easy sign-up of its services on line.

My first trial of OCR Terminal converted a PDF with formatting columns and graphics to a Word document quickly and amazingly accurate. A second trial of a PDF handout with a table,  graphics, headers also came out very accurate, producing a very useable document in minutes. OCR Terminal converts image formats (PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF to editable (RTF, TXT, Word) formats. Easy to navigate, easy to retrieve and save converted files, OCR Terminal provided a quick and accurate method of file conversion for free. (up to 20 pages). 

I give this Web 2.0 resource a 5 star and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for conversion of PDF files.

Carol Leynse Harpold