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Adult Coin-U-Lator Equivalent

When you work in Assistive Technology, there are always questions about tools for specific jobs received via email  and colleagues. A colleague forwarded a question from a special education teacher looking for  an adult equivalent of  the  Coin-U-Lator for teenagers or adults that might be more appropriate in appearance for that age group.

Here are my search results of tools that are more amendable to adults  that deal with calculating coins:

Coin Counting Calculator

The Coin Counting Calculator can be used to count money and to teach coin values. The function of the calculator can be set to add or subtract. This could be used to help a student identify coins, learn coin values, to determine if they have enough money to purchase an item, and to calculate the change they would have left.

iPocket Change

An app for the iPod that calculates if you have enough change for a purchase.

iPocket Change app for iPod

Change Calculator

Change Calculator is only a calculator with out visuals of coins available for reference.  It will calculate change you will receive.

Coin Math

Coin Math app practices coin identification, counting of coins and practices calculating change.

All of the apps cost under $1.99 at the time of this post. If you have any other resources, please share!