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Online Keyboarding Practice Sites for Beginning Typers

ten finger typist image

Listed below are a few online keyboarding practice websites (for PC or Mac computers, not trialed on iPad) that introduces the keyboard in a sequential way for beginning typists. The last website, Peter’s Keyboarding Lessons provides a visual of the keyboard and fingers for those students who benefit from visual support when learning the 10 finger typing technique. Posting this image above the keyboard has helped some students with learning the keyboard to reduce their reliance on looking at the keyboard (a huge no-no in 5th grade keyboarding classes!).

ABCYa website (game format):

Learning Games for Kids: (starts with a few letters at a time)

Dance Mat (Starts with home row keys) :

Typing Lessons (Starts with home row keys) :

Peter’s Online Typing Course: (Features step by step instruction;  image below from this website)

ten finger typist image

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Of course there are many more! What are your favorite online typing websites for beginning typists?