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More Intellitools Resources

Here are some training resources for Intellitools Classroom Suite

Intellitools Student Activity Checklist

Intellitools Reading Tutor Scope and Sequence

CS4 Training Resources

Scanning Access for Switch Users

Quick Tips for Early Learning Activities

ICS Activity resource list  (previously posted)

Enjoy creating with Intellitools!



Intellitools Classroom Suite

In preparation for an Intellitools Classroom Suite Course I located several resources of free Intellitools activites on the Internet for students of all ages and skill level. Listed below are the resources and their links:

  1. Connective Technology Solutions: 
  2. Intellitools Activity Exchange (free; requires membership sign-up) : 
  3. Learning Magic – Free created Intellitools activities created: 
  4. Ann Brundige resources: 
  5. SET BC:
  6. Region2 Library of Curriculum Activities:

Intellitools has many templates and activities available on their activity exchange however, check out the  other listed resources also!