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Sound Stamp App for the Echo Pen

Echo Pen

The Echo or Pulse Pen is wonderful note taking tool for students to take notes and simultaneously record lectures (audio record) using special Livescribe notebook paper and the electronic Echo or Pulse Pen (Echo is their newest pen and Pulse the first generation of the Livescribe Pens) .  The beauty of this pen is that you can write or draw as much or as little as you want to while note taking. The recording tool records what is spoken at the same time as you write and is able to be played back (out loud) from the pen using menu tools provided on the paper.

I have recommended this pen for students in K-12 education as well as college students and business people who have difficulty with spelling, reading, recall, comprehension when required to gather information from lectures, meetings or interviews as a few examples. It’s appearance does not suggest a special need, just looks like another electronic gadget -which it is!

Valuable tool? Yes! –  and for more than just note taking!

We have been using the Pulse Pen at our school for about the last two years for note taking but also as a medium tech tool for adapting worksheets for students who have difficulty accessing print. Rather than scanning worksheets into a computer,  one of our awesome paraprofessionals has been recording information on sticky labels printed with Livescribe paper (this can be done on sticky/adhesive labels with laser printers from the Livescribe Desktop).  Using the sticky or adhesive labels with printed Livescribe paper, the labels are placed on assignment worksheets, recorded on with worksheet information or directions for the assignment. This provides an auditory means of accessing the worksheet text using the labels and pen and also a way for him to record his answers using the labels provided. Worksheets, study guides and vocabulary are a few of the uses for this modification using the Pulse Pen.

Sound Stamp App for Echo Pen

Livescribe Echo/Pulse pens have a number of additional apps for purchase providing different tools that can be loaded onto your pen. One new tools is called the Sound Sticker which records messages on small stickers that can be re-recorded on using the app software on your pen.

A similar concept as what we had done with creating labels, the Sound Sticker audio can be erased and re recorded, possible but not as simple of a process as having a delete button on the menu when removing a record audio using the Sound Sticker app.

For more information on Sound Sticker App, or the Livescribe Echo or Pulse Pen in K-12 education visit their website for videos describing many ways it can be used.. There are videos of creative ways it has been used to support education, and of course only limited by your imagination and needs.

For information on the Livescribe pens with different memory capacity,  more apps (dictionary, spelling apps and more) and accessories (different size and types of notebooks, cases, etc.), visit the Livescribe store. You will also find refurbished pens available at a discounted price!

Explore the Echo/Pulse Pen and be creative in ways it can help support your students! If you have questions on how to print on sticky labels feel free ask in the comments.