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Onscreen Keyboard with Word Prediction

The need for an onscreen keyboard with word prediction, abbreviation expansion recently presented itself inorder to  supply an individual with a mobility impairment  access to his computer. My typical search and checking on previous favorites was stymied by the need to find some thing that had all the tools but also Win 7 compatible. Despite numerous searches, I was not coming up with a match and disappointed that previous favorites did not  appear to be Win 7 compatible.

Windows 7 operating system does have a great onscreen keyboard that is adjustable in size,  has basic word prediction, a hover tool (dwell)  for selection and different keyboard layouts. All great, but not quite enough for a dedicated on screen keyboard user.

With assistance from a experienced AT ECU guru from ATR (Thanks Phil!) I was provided several resources, one which I had not found in my searches –Word Logic. Word Logic’s Onscreen Keyboard had all that I was looking for and more!

Word Logic

Word Logic

Word Logic’s  Options  menu choices provides the ability to  customize its appearance,  window behavior, word prediction dictionaries, navigation/hovering time for selection or use with a mouse click as needed, to mention just a few. It’s word prediction also provides phrases offered in its prediction dictionary as well as abbreviation expansion and the ability to create your own dictionary word list. Recency was immediately available following use of new words.

Word Logic Optionspic

Word Logic Options

A new feature I found in Word Logic not typically present in other word prediction programs,  provides a feature that allow you to create buttons as a link to favorite websites within the onscreen keyboard window for easy access. I found this especially helpful for individuals who have limited but accurate mobility.

Word Logic was  easy to install and implement. It is also reasonably priced. Word Logics website also provides a Quick Guide  with directions to quickly get you going with the software.

Word Logic Tools

Word Logic Tools

Contact with Word Logic via email  found them very prompt in replying to questions and willing to accommodate specific requests about software purchasing. What a great find! If I were rating software I’d give Word Logic five stars from my initial use and their customer service!