Tots ‘n Tech Website

While checking out online resources I stumbled upon Tots ‘n Tech website geared to AT for EC. This outstanding website is visually appealing, user friendly and oh so many resources! Tots ‘n Tech provices the following wonderful low tech AT resources to support the EC classroom or other students or classrooms with emergent learners:

Tots ‘n Tech Helpdesk  (TNT Helpdesk – This resource found under the Practices menu is chocked full of  resources organized in each subtopic area (see below) providing information on Resource Type (listing of how to’s, make-it directions, handout materials), Focus (target groups such as info for parents, teachers, therapists, etc.), Media (available media by video, web, handout) and Activity and Routine (where you need suggestions- morning, mealtime, chores, bedtime, etc.)  in the following areas:

  • Communication & Socialization – Each of these subtopic areas provides more resources (Media, Resource Types, Focus and Activities and Routine) about communicationa socialization for EC students. Great resources for low tech ideas and activities are provided.  This topic area hosts  a list that provides  links to a number of online communication symbols resources available (free) on the Internet! This link is great for speech and language pathologists, parents and teachers of EC.
  • Getting Around – Provides listing of mobility tools and resources to make seating and access adaptations. Many activities are provided in the area of mobility. A great resource for teachers, parents, PT and OT’s.
  • Arms & Hands – Provides activities, ideas, resources and how to on fine motor activities. Great for OT’s as well as EC teachers with a plethora of fine motor activities, resources and activities!
  • Problem Solving – Provides activities, ideas and resources for thinking skills for EC. Great for parents, EC teachers, parents.

Other resources for professionals and parents are provided under the Practice and Resource tabs on the website, providing information on best practices, research, newsletters and other AT resources.

As and OT and AT, this website is a great go to for low tech adaptations, finding materials and handouts for make and take sessions, or inexpensive home activities. Nicely presented and easy to navigate, this is a great go to resource for EC teachers, parents, OT, PT, SPL personnel!

What a great find! Check it out!!


  1. Mary Locast
    July 13, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Hi..I see many story book apps for the iPad, but do you know if there are any switch accessible story book apps for the iPad in which the page is read outloud to the child and the switch would turn the story to the next page? I am looking for ones geared for children in preschool and/or up to early elementary grades. Thanks!

    • July 16, 2012 at 4:32 pm

      Mary Locast,
      Thank you for visiting. At this time for what I understand there are a few different switch access devices available. Most are specific to apps that are compatible with the device. One of the switch access devices, the Tecla Shield, gives control to the iOS environment by using the voice over defined buttons or icons. Switch scanning just seems to be emerging in iOS/mobile devices. It appears that you need pretty good cognitive function to engage independently with the switch.
      You will find more information on this website, the videos really show the Tecla Schield in operation. .

      I will also suggest that you check on the AT4Education recent post with a link to Jane Farrall’s blog ( or direct to her blog – with an overview of switch capabilities on the iPad. She does a great job of making sense of the current state of technology for iOS and switches and more!

      As all book apps are built differently I believe getting a switch to work requires apps to be developed with that capability. One the Komodo video it appears that opening books in iBooks might be a possibility with use of a switch, however then it becomes a match of finding the right apps that will work in iBooks, content and voice output.

      As far as we have come, it still amazes me what hurdles we have to make yet for the iPad to really be functional for individuals with multiple handicaps. Its like a whole new frontier out there!
      I wish I could supply you with more information. I have an Ablenet switch2 coming but which is floating around the school district that I service,- like a needle in a haystack in the summer!

      Thank you for your time to comment!


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