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RFB & D Acquires a New Name: Learning Ally

For those of you who have known and used RFB&D for many years it now has a new name and logo:

Learning Ally logo

Learning Ally  (formerly RFB&D) provides the  same services it has for the past 63 years, supplying accessible audio books for individuals with blindness, low vision or dyslexia.   Free individual membership is available for those that qualify from an OSEP grant.   Learning Ally also provides fee based  subscription memberships to schools for students that qualify.

One new tool they have developed is a mobile app for iPod, iPhone or iPad called  RFB&D Audio ($19.99 on iTunes) extending the availability of the audio files to iDevices. RFB&D App picture

Learning Ally remains a wonderful resource of human recorded digital audio books for qualifying individuals. Check out a familiar service with a new name!


  1. Beverly Taylor-Fredenburgh
    January 28, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    I need help getting my books on audio do I apply myself or do I go through my college?

    • January 30, 2013 at 5:03 pm

      Beverly, I would check with your colleges disability center if you have not already. You may have to complete some paper work to qualify for accommodations that you need but they have different resources of accessible materials than what you might have pending what your needs are and what you qualify for. They also hopefully will know what editions to look for as well as different formats that may be available (audio versus, text to speech, Braille, etc.). Timeliness is also important for the college for them to be able to get you the type of alternative materials in a timely manner.
      You also may want to have a personal membership, if you qualify to Bookshare or Learning Ally for leisure reading materials or if you want to get your text books yourself.
      Hope that helps!
      Good Luck!

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