While in search for apps and resources I discovered another web 2.0 social bookmarking tool called LiveBinders. I have been using Delicious  successfully to compile web based resources in the clouds however organizing links by topics and tags is not exactly my forte.

LiveBinders  differs by actually creating online “binders” of topics. You can create sub categories under tabs just like you would in a binder. LiveBinders is similar to OneNote, providing a very visually method of organizing topics and information in binders. Links and other media can then be accumulated in your LiveBinders through this online bookmarking service. Binders can be designated as private or public allowing others access to the resource binders.

LiveBinders has free service as well as a premium for pay service.  Here is a glimpse of what My LiveBinders  free service looks like after  creating binders just a few days ago:


LiveBinder also provides the options of searching for topics other individuals have created by subject. While creating a LiveBinder of iPad/iPod resources for school, I found an excellent LiveBinder developed by Susan Brooks Young and Chris O’Neal on the same subject. Although I had similiar links in my LiveBinder,  their accumulated resources as a wider scope of  iPad apps, management tips and tricks and tutorial aids. I was able to include their binder in “My Binders” to easily organize these resources for myself as well as others access.

So if you are challenged with organizing your web based resources check out LiveBinders ! Carol

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