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While attending the SLATE Conference in Wisconsin Dells,  teachers from the Pulaski School District in Wisconsin presented their use and experience of integrating iPods and iPads into their curriculum. One of the many gems they shared is an app for the iPod and iPad called FreeAppAlert .

FreeAppAlert is an app for the iPod or iPod that alerts you of yesterdays for pay app available for free! Daily updates of free apps are posted with linked descriptions of the apps, the app website for review and purchase. Information is updated regularly on the status of the offered free apps. Categorized by iPad and iPod, the website is clean and easily navigated for perusing.


Whether using the FreeAppAlert app on your iDevice or searching the FreeAppsAlert website, this is a great tool and resource that can save you time and money (we all know those are some of the greatest challenges in education)!

So, check it out – it is well worth it! And thanks to Pulaski School District for sharing their resources! If you know of more websites or apps that provide regular, updated information on free apps please share!


  1. July 14, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Stop check all limit free apps manually, it’s time to notify automatically.

    Don’t need to check all limit free apps and found nothing worth to download, just focus on those paid apps and ask agents to monitor their prices and notify you when they are free.

    One day, I read a report about EA accquired the company whose most popular iPhone app: “Plants vs. Zombies”.
    I was interested at this app and search this app on and found it.

    After checking it’s information and images, I thought that I can install this game in my iPhone.
    Oops, I found that the price is $2.99.
    Althrough it’s cheap but I didn’t have an urgent need to play this game immediately.
    So, I decided to wait until “Limit Free”.

    But when I made the decision, I met a trouble.
    How to know it becomes free?

    I think I need an agent to help to monitor it’s price continuely and notify me when it’s free.
    The logic is simple and my need is reasonable.
    So, I used the below service to help to track app’s price of wanted apps.

    It’s important that I don’t want to know all “limit free apps” since I don’t have much time to try all “limit free apps”.
    But I know which paid apps and I really want to.

    I visited the above link and input the keyword “Plants vs. Zombies” in the search box and saw the detail of this excellent app.
    There is a link with string “Sign in to get notification when it’s free” and I clicked this link to be a member of this site.

    After registering, I visited the “Plants vs. Zombies” page again and saw a link “>> Notify me when it is free”.

    I clicked this link immediately and it’s done.
    The system will help me track the price of this app and email when it’s free.

    I like to make my life simple and easier and I think the above service can help me.
    I think it may help you too and that’s why I shared the page to you.
    Wish it’s useful.

    • October 8, 2011 at 9:32 am

      Thank you David Lin for the information. Yes, time to get the information automatically. Thank you for sharing your information and all the resources for automating the app search!

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