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Favorite iPad/iPod Apps

There are many, many resources for great apps for the iPad and iPod, but sifting through them for individual student needs and trialing them takes time. In the search for apps that are motivating for students but also meet their IEP needs in the area of  early writing development, a few favorites have emerged. Here are a few of my favorite apps:

iWrite Words

iWrite Words

iWrite Words

Focused on phonetic awareness, letter formation, letter  and word recognition, this app has a beautiful interface, is interactive and provide explicit instruction on the sequence of letter formation. Numbers guide the student in the correct motor sequence to form the letter. When the  letter is completely written it generates a floating  letter that isto be flung away at the bottom of the screen before another letter to be worked on is generated. Very interactive!

iWrite Words

It is a favorite of staff for its instructional qualities but more importantly a favorite of students.

Alphabet Tracing

Alphabet Tracing is a free app that also supports letter and number formation using a moving train moving in the direction of correct letter or number production.


Alphabet Tracing


Alphabet Tracing

Early childhood as well as kindergarten students were motivated to create letters using this app on an iPad. The visual sequence provided, along with its interactive – hands on practice helped students  recall the appropriate sequence to form a letter. Providing them auditory cues to the sequence further reinforced appropriate skill development.

ABC Pocket Phonics 


ABC PocketPhonics


Another favorite, ABC Pocket Phonics provides phonics development, letter formation and word games. It is interactive and motivates  students who are learning early literacy skills.

ABC PocketPhonics

Both ABC PocketPhonics and iWriteWords are available in lite versions  meaning they are free,  partial versions of the software allowing trial to determine if they provide the type of intervention needed.

The iPad and iPod provide so many wonderful apps for learning!


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