iPad as AT – for Silver Lake College

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iPad as AT for Reading and Writing

Greetings Silver Lake Class (please view this link first…)



To start please view this video on iPad iOS 7 Accessibility Settings (yes iOS 8 is just around the corner…):

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A9O5fWW_qg )

Presentation Link :

Apps for Reading and Writing for iOS

( http://goo.gl/j42DSl  )


Carol Leynse Harpold, MS AdEd, OTR/L, ATP





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Free web based AT resources for reading and writing

Web Based AT Resources for Reading and Writing


Bookshare.org – Free membership for k-12 for individuals qualifying as having a Print Disability.

Project Gutenberg – Repository of public domain books in electronic format. Some audio formats available.

Learning Ally – Membership service for audio books (used to be the RFB&D)

Tar Heel Readerhttp://tarheelreader.org/find/ – Books for emergent readers

Natural Reader – simple text to speech tool for PC and MAC computers

Rewordify – Online tool for cognitive rescaling of expository information

Readability – Cleans up clutter web pages free


Chateau Meddybemps – http://www.meddybemps.com/9.700.html – Story Starters with pictures

Ginger Software – Online Spelling and grammar correction

Text2Mind Map – Concept mapping software

Microsoft Office – has voice recognition application on Windows 7 and 8. Continual improvements with recognition.

eType – Word prediction – free

Just a few resources.


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Online Keyboarding Practice Sites for Beginning Typers

ten finger typist image

Listed below are a few online keyboarding practice websites (for PC or Mac computers, not trialed on iPad) that introduces the keyboard in a sequential way for beginning typists. The last website, Peter’s Keyboarding Lessons provides a visual of the keyboard and fingers for those students who benefit from visual support when learning the 10 finger typing technique. Posting this image above the keyboard has helped some students with learning the keyboard to reduce their reliance on looking at the keyboard (a huge no-no in 5th grade keyboarding classes!).

ABCYa website (game format): http://www.abcya.com/kids_typing_game.htm

Learning Games for Kids: (starts with a few letters at a time) http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/keyboarding_games.html

Dance Mat (Starts with home row keys) : http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/

Typing Lessons (Starts with home row keys) :  http://www.techconnect.glencoe.com/techconnect/keyboarding/start.htm

Peter’s Online Typing Course: (Features step by step instruction;  image below from this website) http://www.typing-lessons.org/lesson_1.html

ten finger typist image

Retrieved on 6/13/2013 from : http://www.typing-lessons.org/lesson_1.html

Of course there are many more! What are your favorite online typing websites for beginning typists?


AAC Apps for Android | AppsForAAC

See on Scoop.itApps for Special Education

Patrick Black on QIAT list serv recently supplied this AAC Apps for Android resource developed by Will Wade, OT from the Ace Centre in Oxford, GB. Will Wades lists not only provides AAC apps but also some supports for dyslexic or learning disabilities. A comparison tool is provided in the Full List tab that appears updated. The About tab provides a Android and iOS list by category. I found the information regarding mobile 112 interesting definitely worth checking out!


If you are looking for Android apps for communication or LD support, this would be a wiki to peruse.



See on appsforaac.net

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Panther Technology

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Switch Access and the iPad – Get the Scoop from Jane Farrall

Jane Farrall knowledge on AAC, switch access and AT brings me to her blog often to glean her expertise on any of the those topics (and more…). Here is a recent post about switch access and the iPad that helped sift and winnow what the current options were for iOS.

How do I use a Switch with an iPad? – Jane Farrall’s Blog Post

Jane also has other recent posts on specific switch components that I recommend you peruse if you are interested in switch access for iPad on her blog.

Reading comprehension for students on the spectrum

Differentiation Daily

I have a guest blog about reading comprehension and autism this week on Home Educating Family Publishing. If you have students on the spectrum needing a little extra support in this area, you may want to take a peek.

View original post

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More Intellitools Resources

Text to Speech Software for Home Use

Text to Speech Software for Home Use

The question of software that supports students with learning disabilities often arises. Standard choices of text to speech or scan and read software applications for purchase include (but not limited to):

Kurzweil 3000

Read & Write


Each of these applications have slightly different tools available within the software, provide different interfaces as well as have different costs. Follow the links of the software for more information for more information on the differences of each of the programs.

Free or Inexpensive Text to Speech Software for Home Use:

Other text to speech software application choices  that  are free or low cost include:

MyStudyBar –   This software can be down loaded to a jump drive for portable use. Text to speech, talking dictionary, word prediction are a few of the tools available in this free software.

Natural Reader – Provides text to speech and can convert text to MP3 files to listen to audio stories.

A low cost text to speech option is:

Text Aloud 3 – A text to speech application that will work with documents, Internet and email. It also supports converting text to MP3.

Many choices are available to allow individual access to print when reading is a barrier. You will find additional text to speech choices by searching the Internet for “Text to Speech” programs.


Tots ‘n Tech Website

While checking out online resources I stumbled upon Tots ‘n Tech website geared to AT for EC. This outstanding website is visually appealing, user friendly and oh so many resources! Tots ‘n Tech provices the following wonderful low tech AT resources to support the EC classroom or other students or classrooms with emergent learners:

Tots ‘n Tech Helpdesk  (TNT Helpdesk – This resource found under the Practices menu is chocked full of  resources organized in each subtopic area (see below) providing information on Resource Type (listing of how to’s, make-it directions, handout materials), Focus (target groups such as info for parents, teachers, therapists, etc.), Media (available media by video, web, handout) and Activity and Routine (where you need suggestions- morning, mealtime, chores, bedtime, etc.)  in the following areas:

  • Communication & Socialization – Each of these subtopic areas provides more resources (Media, Resource Types, Focus and Activities and Routine) about communicationa socialization for EC students. Great resources for low tech ideas and activities are provided.  This topic area hosts  a list that provides  links to a number of online communication symbols resources available (free) on the Internet! This link is great for speech and language pathologists, parents and teachers of EC.
  • Getting Around – Provides listing of mobility tools and resources to make seating and access adaptations. Many activities are provided in the area of mobility. A great resource for teachers, parents, PT and OT’s.
  • Arms & Hands – Provides activities, ideas, resources and how to on fine motor activities. Great for OT’s as well as EC teachers with a plethora of fine motor activities, resources and activities!
  • Problem Solving – Provides activities, ideas and resources for thinking skills for EC. Great for parents, EC teachers, parents.

Other resources for professionals and parents are provided under the Practice and Resource tabs on the website, providing information on best practices, research, newsletters and other AT resources.

As and OT and AT, this website is a great go to for low tech adaptations, finding materials and handouts for make and take sessions, or inexpensive home activities. Nicely presented and easy to navigate, this is a great go to resource for EC teachers, parents, OT, PT, SPL personnel!

What a great find! Check it out!!